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rp codes.

because sharing is caring ♥
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stand explanation post.

[personal profile] theophilia 2017-02-08 05:47 am (UTC)(link)
➥ Find and replace #TEXT-COLOR-CODE with the six-digit hex code you want your header text to be.
➥ If you want to add a new section to the post (because your Stand power is extra weird), copy & paste the section that begins and ends with < center >< table width="800" ...... /table >< / center >
➥ Live previews can be found here & here.

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info page.

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➥ The sidebar image must be at least 300 pixels wide. It looks best if you type out your information and then crop the image to fit, but the code will also shrink the image to 300 pixels wide if necessary.
➥ Find and replace #TEXT-COLOR-CODE with the six-digit hex code you want your header text to be.
➥ Adding a new section depends on how you'd like that section to be formatted--if you want to do this and need help, hit me up and I'll see what I can do!
➥ Live previews can be found here & here.

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3-column visuals.

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➥ You'll have to fiddle with the images on this one to make sure all 3 columns are roughly even but it's pretty user friendly.

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soundtrack post.

[personal profile] digiorno 2017-05-11 05:16 am (UTC)(link)
➥ Find and replace #TEXT-COLOR-CODE with the six-digit hex code you want your highlighted text to be. Do the same with #BORDER-COLOR-CODE; this will be the border around the linked pictures in songs in comments. I usually make these colors match, but I'm not your mom!
➥ Regarding the flavor text in the body of the main post, you can customize it however you like. The default is two lines, the first (12pt) formatted smaller than the second (15pt). However, I also usually tweak this depending on how much flavor text I want to use, so it's highly customizable. In the second line there is a space where you can include an emphasized portion in the same hex code as your border color, but you also don't have to do that, it just looks cool.
➥ The body of the post looks best with an image that is no wider than 600px. Comments usually look best with images no wider than 450-500px.
➥ Once you've set up your body post, you can just copy and paste your comment code from the text box in the body post!
Please leave the credit link. This is not originally my code, so a credit is required!
➥ Live previews can be found here and here.

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thread tracker.

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➥ The base of this code is from [community profile] bootycall here. My main modification to the body of the post is putting in a credit link to this post directly, please don't delete this because my ass did not make this and neither did yours :'^(
Here's an example of the finished code.
➥ Blank body text:
➥ The way I've been using this coding, I have a comment where I include links to relevant AC banks/thread-tracking spreadsheets/etc, and this code is more of a long-term archive of important threads. I also have a quick-coding comment. Those can be found below.
Link Comment Code:

Quick-Coding Comment Code:
here on pastebin because DW got confused by all the textareas.
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